22 martie 2014

New FIP Rules

Personalised Stamps – New FIP Rules : A Contradiction

The new FIP SREV 3.1 was revised recently to include:        “The postage stamp can be personalized on request from a client (individual, association, company,…), provided that it is available to the general public.”
Since when is any personalised stamp available to the general public?  Further, in maximaphily workshops conducted in recent times by the Maximaphily Commission, it has been stated that, for example, an acceptable example of a personalized stamp is Mon Timbreamoi (by the French post office).  On contacting them, they advise of the seemingly obvious – they are not generally available to the public!  They are private only to the person ordering.  Indeed the French marketing of the product even says: “booklet of 4 pages containing your 10 stamps”.
The general public can “create” the design of the stamp, but the end result is indeed private and not available to the general public.  So what is the purpose of including any personalised stamps at all?  Why were the Rules changed to create more ambiguity?

5 martie 2012

Un quart de siècle pour l'ASEMA

L'ASEMA, association espagnole de maximaphilie a fêté son 25e anniversaire fin novembre 2010 de façon éclatante. Une carte maximum a été crée pour marquer le coup. Il semble que cette CM soit à base d'un timbre personnalisé du type Montimbr@moi. En effet, on peut remarquer l'inscription « tu sello » dans le cartouche du timbre. Carte maximum valable ou non valable, telle est la question ?

Timbre « tu sello » base de la « carte-maximum » de la manifestation.

Source d'informations: http://www.maximaphiles-francais.org

3 decembrie 2011


Bunul nostru colaborator din SUA, domnul Dorin COJOCARIU a lansat un set de timbre personalizate cu prilejul Zilei nationale a Romaniei - 1 Decembrie 2011

sursa imagini :http://dorincard.blogspot.com/2009/12/december-1st-national-day-of-romania.html